Be Wary of Gadgets and Gizmos

Kim was a joy to work with!  What I enjoyed most was her ability to see the big picture.  Starting with my school room (which
morphed into an office of my own!), we organized a pantry closet in my kitchen and added a shelf in my laundry room to house
all my paper goods.  Getting organized involves more than just buying a product; it involves listening to people and
analyzing their needs - THAT's what Kim does...

                                                                                      --Pat F.

           Stop the Madness!


 Organize 4U

                  "Bringing Order to Your Chaos"

Taming the Paper Monster

--If you don't need, use or love it--it's either trash or donation.  Donations are things someone else could use.  Trash is something no one can use. 

--Sometimes we live in the midst of clutter and chaos and claim that it doesn't "bother" us.  The question we need to ask is, "does it bother others that live with us and work around us?"

--Mail can pile up before you know it.  In an effort to keep this from happening, open ALL mail as quickly as possible over the trash can. 

--If we spend more money than we make, we will eventually find ourselves upside down financially.  The same is true with our home.  If we bring in more "stuff" than we have room for, we will be upside down and living in clutter.  Learning to live within our means is one of the great lessons we learn. 



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