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Extreme Garage Makeover

The Problem:  This garage was in need of major purging.  Because there was no system and nothing could be found they just kept buying more of the same tools.  Nothing was grouped together and this was pretty chaotic.


The Solution:  Except for a few containers, they had everything they needed to get garage organized.  It took time to purge unwanted items and group like things together. We left this garage with a place for everything.   




The Problem:  This client had no pantry in kitchen, but desperately needed one.  They had this shelving unit in nearby laundry room which contained some of the food, but the rest was in various cabinets in kitchen. 

The Solution:  We grouped like food together, adjusted shelves so there would be no "stacking" and attached hangers on side to accommodate ziplocs, aluminum foil, etc.  This now serves as a functional pantry. 



      BEFORE                   AFTER

 Stacking things on shelves never works, it only makes things more difficult to get to.  Having more shelves with less things on them lessens the frustration and sets you up to STAY ORGANIZED.

      BEFORE                  AFTER


The Problem:  Too many things stacked on top of one another, wasted space the way shelves are placed and like things are not grouped together.

The Solution:  Thankfully this client had adjustable shelving so getting them organized was as simple as adding more shelves. We grouped like things together and placed heavier dishes on bottom for safety and convenience.  We placed things used on rare occasion on top shelves. 

If you try to organize without purging or having adequate shelving you will only TEMPORARILY make things look better, but eventually you will find yourself right back where you started.  Proper shelving changes the dynamics of

not only getting organized, but staying organized.