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This closet lacked shelving that was functional.  

Stockroom Makeover

 Problem:  The shelving that was   already in place was not being utilized and therefore nothing had a place to call home.

 Solution:  Created a system and grouped like things together. Made wall space functional by hanging as much as possible.  


Kim Pittman        229-395-2109

I am so glad that Organize 4U came to the rescue when I moved into my classroom as a first year teacher! There were books and old files everywhere that I would have just piled up, but Kim spent the day helping me clean out everything so I could start fresh! Now when other teachers look at my room, they're amazed by how much better it looks!
Thanks! Abby

People often feel frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged because of the disorganization and clutter that is all around them.  Organize 4U is passionate about coming alongside individuals to help them feel hopeful by reclaiming areas that seem out of control.